Microsoft TechTalk Talk about AngularJS & Asp.Net WebAPI

Microsoft TechTalk

  • Thursday
  • 19.03.2015
  • Microsoft Switzerland
  • Rating speaker: 4.76/5 & Content: 4.58/5

AngularJS and WebAPI

Wow...I mean: I never expected Microsoft to ask me to tell them something about AngularJs and stuff. But they did. And I followed.

"Tell me something about angularJS!" The short answer? Its great! the long one? Go ahead on reading ;-)

AngularJS is a Single Page Application Framework from Google (Sorry, you MS guys ;-) which allows you to create great applications on client side.

There once was (and is) jQuery as probably the most spreaded Javascript-lib in the world. It allows you client side programming with javascript. Which is great but there is something missing: Architecture. Structure. Seperation of Concerns!

AngularJS is a whole framework giving your project or your client side application structure and allows you to build great applications with a user experience like a desktop application.

It brings you features like model binding, routing, templating, structure, modularity and so your project gets structure and its easier to test.

Angular has a scope which represents the viewmodel. Everything on this scope can be accessed from the view via databinding.

Further it offers you controller which can fill the scope with data and should have connection to services. Services can be an abstraction of logic. Like for example talking to your WebAPI.

Angular has the possibility to create your application with modules. Which for me is one of the best features AngularJs offers us. This modules can be loaded in your application and your structure gets better.

WebApi is one of the best names a technology can have in my opinion. Its just what it says: An API in the web which you can ask for data and send something to it. Thats it. If you have your whole architecture on client side, this is everything you need.

If you now go and "pimp" your app with singlarR you gonna have an awesome result. SignalR is a service to push notifications from your server to your client. So image you want to push notifications to everyone which is connected to your application if there is a server side event: Just push it!


This talk was great. We had about 100 people listening and with the other two talks ( vNext and Azure) around we could give the people a great big picture of what you are able to build nowadays if you are a web programmer.

Many thanks to Microsoft for letting me give this talk. Thanks for having me.